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Limited Edition



The Casella family arrived in Australia from Sicily in 1957, bringing with them not only generations of family winemaking, but the know-how to produce wines that are more than simply a 'drink with dinner'.

The Spice Agency created Limited Edition packaging for launch in Canada.

The Spice Agency was the driving force behind the elements of the new brand imagery for the Kangaroo with the use of special varnishes and finishes.

The Wine Society.
Barons of Barossa



Barons of Barossa was founded in 1975 by a group of influential Barossa wine industry personalities. The focus of the Barons has remained unchanged since the group's foundation and continues to proudly support Barossa wine, viticulture, gastronomy, heritage and the arts.

The Spice Agency was charged with developing a design to act as the flagship for the group in its relationship with the leading makers of Shiraz in the famous Barossa region. The Barons' bottle now acts as a 'quality seal' and its minimalist design allows the wine's reputation to 'speak for itself' and showcase the region.

The Spice Agency was responsible for all aspects of the design roll-out including label, neck and shippers.